Selection Committee Sticking it to Cats Nothing New

The NCAA Tournament committee once again proved that if they have the chance they will stick it to John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats.

There have only been three seasons in which the Cats did not get a really raw deal. Those three years were 2010, 2012, and 2015. The only reason the committee could not hose those teams was due to the fact that they were obvious one seeds. Even still the Cats seemed to have a tougher road than other one seeds.

Then there have been three teams under Cal that have been done dirty by the committee. In 2011 the Cats finished the season 25-8 and beat Florida soundly in the SEC title game yet UK got a 4 seed and the Gators who lost 1 less game got a 2. On top of that Kentucky was put with the top #1 seed Ohio State. Going into the selection show the one team UK fans did not want to get matched up with was Ohio State but it happened. The committee also put a good North Carolina team in that region as a 2 seed. Despite what seemed like a long shot the Cats went to the Final Four.

Then came the ultimate kick in the teeth for the Wildcats in 2014 when the committee made them an 8 seed in one of the toughest regions in recent memory. UK had a 24-10 record going into the tournament and Kansas was 24-9 yet the Jayhawks got a 2 seed compared to an 8 for Kentucky. The Cats had to go through undefeated 1 seed Wichita State, Louisville who was defending national champions, the previous season’s runner-up Michigan to get to the Final Four.

Now we come to 2016 when the beloved selection committee handed Texas A&M a 3 seed despite having an identical record as UK and having just lost to the Cats in the SEC tourney. The Cats were given a 4 seed and have a potential second round matchup with Indiana. That was a classic marquee matchup that the committee loves to put together while vowing they never pay attention to those kind of things. The real blow for the Cats would come in the sweet 16 if they get to that point. The one team that any UK fan wanted the Cats to avoid if possible was the North Carolina Tar Heels who have a massive front court.

It is as if the committee continues to up their game to see if Cal can still lead the Cats to the Final Four. The road is tough and this could be the season that Kentucky does not make a prolonged run in March. Then again do you really want to bet against John Calipari, Tyler Ulis, and Jamal Murray?

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