It’s Time to End the Streak

In 1986:

My dad bought a new Ford Escort for just over $6,000.

A gallon of gas cost around 80 cents in Central Kentucky.

The Challenger exploded.

Hulk Hogan defeated King Kong Bundy in WrestleMania II.

Beanie babies were yet to be invented.

Kentucky beat Florida.

Over the past 30 years, UK fans have endured 30 losses to Florida. Some of them were sort of close, some of them were sort of embarrassing. Regardless, we’ve seen a smiling fans doing the gator chomp during the last minutes of the game. 2017 is different. The 2017 Cats went to Columbia to face a hungry South Carolina team last weekend and faced a rowdy crowd and a horrendous first three minutes of the game. Previous UK teams have folded in these circumstances and forced our fans to walk out of unfriendly stadiums with our tails tucked between our legs. Not the 2017 Cats. They dug their cleats into the turf, shut down the Gamecock offense, and established a smash-mouth running game the took the air of the lungs of hometown fans and took ‘Sandstorm’ off its usual loop.

The 2017 Cats have never lost to Florida. They’ve never lost to anyone. They’ve faced adversity with injuries, and they’ve always had a guy come off the bench to make a big play to make up for it. Florida knows what’s on the line. The Gators know that their hopes of running away with the up for grabs SEC East can either take off or get squashed on Saturday. If Kentucky wins, Florida will have to fight up hill the rest of the season. They will feel the pressure of the streak on their shoulders Saturday as the sold out (come on UK fans!) Kroger Field will welcome them with mocking chomps and a loud roar every time they line up across from the 2017 Cats.

Juice Johnson is a play maker and has become a favorite 3rd down target for Stephen Johnson. His elusiveness will put pressure on Florida.

Florida is a tough team coming off a big home win versus Tennessee. They won’t be a push over for Kentucky. It will be interesting to see what the UK coaches have planned for the huge game. I’m sure we’ll continue to see more wildcat even though we cringe every time we see Benny line up alone behind the center. Florida’s defense will be the best we’ve faced so far this season, so there won’t be room for dropped balls or missed blocks. Kentucky will have to execute. The past doesn’t matter. The 2017 Cats WILL execute.  We’ve had 3 games of experimentation and prep to get ready for the Gator D. Even better, our defense has had 3 games to get ready for the Gator O.  Their offense has proven to be shaky at best this season. They will have trouble scoring on us. Their best chance is scoring on big plays or turnovers. Our defense matches up very well, even if Jordan Jones (currently listed as doubtful) is out.

The 2017 Cats will beat Florida. You just need to get to the stadium and scream at the top of your lungs. Kroger will issue you a white pom-pom to commemorate the historic game. (No coupon necessary)


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