The Cats are 5-0 Thanks to #BBN Mojo

Sure, the success of the UK football team probably has a lot to do with Benny Snell abusing defenses with his smash-mouth, Heisman worthy running.  An offensive line led by Bunchy Stallings that has controlled the line of scrimmage and opened huge holes for Benny, AJ, and Terry has meant a lot.  And without a doubt, having one of the best defenses in the country led by Josh Allen’s monstrous year is a big help, but I really believe fan mojo is an equally important part of this incredible season we’re all witnessing together.

On September 1st, I was getting ready for the Central Michigan game and trimmed my beard nice and short before heading out the door to the Kroger Field press box. After the Florida game, I realized that I hadn’t done any work to my beard and we were 2-0 with the losing streak to the Gators finally over. At that moment, I decided I would let the beard grow until we suffered our first defeat.

UK blew out Murray State, my beard grew some more.

UK DOMINATED Mississippi State, my boss asked me if I lost my razor.

UK blew past South Carolina by two touchdowns, my wife suggests she might not be on board, I don’t listen.

Yesterday, I took to Twitter to learn what some of my other #BBN brethren were doing to keep the good mojo going. Here’s what some of our most faithful fans had to say. (Including April Snell)








As a life long UK fan, I will never fall out of love with the Power K. I am a fan of the new logo too, so nice work Lynda!








Shag, your sacrifice is appreciated by all of us. Not being able to watch this team live has to be torture, but it seems to be working, so set the DVR and keep doing what you’re doing!





Libby, a beard probably wouldn’t be a very good look on you, but a Kentucky shirt is a good look on everyone!





I think we’d all agree that April Snell has done more than anyone for this UK Football team. Benny is loved my his team, his coaches, and by the entire state of Kentucky. Thanks for sharing Ohio’s finest with the best team in Kentucky April!

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