If You’re Still Doubting Terry Wilson… Stop.

As the 2019 season draws close, the most common fear I hear from other UK football fans are concerns about the secondary, and fear that Terry Wilson still hasn’t proven himself.
The concerns about the secondary are definitely founded and will require some young and inexperienced guys to step up to squash them. The concerns about Terry, in my opinion, are unfounded. Reminiscing about last year’s glorious ten win campaign involves numerous memories of Terry Touchdown making big plays when we needed them.

First, we need to stop comparing Terry’s sophomore season to Stephen Johnson’s senior season. Stephen’s heart and grit combined perfectly with a high level of maturity and skill to make his senior year special. We should be proud of it as UK fans, but it is not fair to Terry to expect a play for play matching of everything Stephen did during his final year.

Second, in his sophomore year, Terry became the first cat ever to record over 1,500 yards passing and 500 yards rushing in the same season and completed over seventy percent of his passes versus Georgia’s defense. If that doesn’t give you some confidence in his ability to lead the team, do yourself a favor and go back and watch the long touchdown pass to Lynn Bowden in the swamp.

Third, he did what we needed. 2018 was not an air raid year, so it is ridiculous to expect a long list of passing accolades that weren’t necessary with All-American Benny Snell lined up behind him.  When Eddie Gran asked Wilson to throw the ball, more often that not, he put it right on the money. If he didn’t, UK would not have won ten games.

These facts about Terry should not be forgotten as the season begins:

*He Won in Florida

*He Won in Louisville by 46 points

*He led UK over Penn State in the Citrus Bowl

*He was the third ranked SEC QB in completion percentage

*He led UK to its first 10 win season in over 40 years

He did all that just as a sophomore. Imagine how good he will be as a junior.


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