The Best 15 Game Stretch By A UK QB Ever?

Seeing Terry Touchdown go down versus Eastern Michigan broke a lot of hearts on Saturday. Over the past year, we’ve enjoyed watching him rapidly develop into the leader we wanted and needed, and in one play, he’s out for the year. It’s not all gloom and doom with grad transfer Sawyer Smith taking the reins, and UK is still possibly destined for all the same success we could have had with Terry this season. However, the past 15 games with Terry under center have been special. Maybe the most successful 15 games for a QB in the history of UK Football.

Granted, Terry had a much better supporting cast around him than the likes of Jared Lorenzen, Tim Couch, and even Andrew Woodson. Terry would have never thrown for 10,000+ yards like Lorenzen in his career, wouldn’t have had a 4,000+ yard season like Couch had in ’98, and certainly wouldn’t have thrown 40 touchdowns in a season like Woodson did in ’07, but his 12 – 3 record as a UK starter is at a level of success we just haven’t seen from anyone else.

The thing to remember is that UK didn’t have to rely on Wilson to post all those numbers because our attack has been much better balanced. He’s been called on to lead the offense with a lot more weapons and playmakers to keep happy, and during his stretch as a starter at UK, he has done just that. The thing that stood out the most to a lot of UK fans was how many of Terry’s teammates gathered around in silence while he was on the ground clutching his knee. Terry’s athleticism when he was forced out of the pocket was dynamic and against Eastern Michigan we watched him air out the ball on long throws multiple times showing the type of arm strength he has. But his biggest skill might be his ability to build relationships with his teammates and bond all of them together.

It’s not easy to have playmakers like Lynn Bowden, Benny Snell, AJ Rose, C.J. Conrad, and many others on the field together and keep them satisfied during stretches they aren’t getting as many touches as they’d like. A lot of extremely good quarterbacks have failed at this and it is the reason so many football teams that seem like they have championship capability end up failing. More than any other sport, football requires near perfect chemistry in order for everything to fall into place. Without great chemistry, UK doesn’t beat Florida in the Swamp, take down Penn State in the Citrus Bowl, and pull off the first 10 win season in over forty years.

Terry understands what it means mentally and physically to be a quarterback of a successful team. Because of that, I have full faith in Sawyer Smith. Terry’s body is done for 2019, but his leadership isn’t. I look for him to still be an integral part of our team and his instinctual guidance over Kentucky’s offense will be evident while Smith is at the helm.

Terry Wilson’s teammates love him, and so do we. Prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!

Go Cats!

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