Dear Lynn Bowden

Dear Lynn Bowden,

Thank you.

Over the past few seasons, it has been a complete joy to watch you grow as both a player and a man.  As a dynamic athlete in the nation’s most competitive league, it is certain that you are the recipient of a barrage of insults and judgements by opponents during games, and by haters after games. The way you handle yourself is admirable, and an excellent example to young players who will follow in your footsteps to continue Kentucky’s journey towards the top of the SEC.

This season was most certainly a crossroads for the Kentucky Football program. With key injuries at arguably the most important position on the field, so much could have been lost. Thanks to your willingness to step up and place your team ahead of yourself, you have been rewarded with legendary status in the eyes of our fans. Fans both young and old have watched our team adapt this season with you at the helm, and it has been more satisfying and enjoyable than I could have ever imagined an 8-5 season being. (Note: Virginia Tech game hasn’t been played yet, but as a die-hard UK fan, I am fully aware of what you and your boys are about to do to them. Victory is certain.)

Highlights this season from you include long runs, ankle-breaking moves, and watching you hold your child in the air during the Cat Walk. There might be other players to wear the #1 in Lexington in coming years, but we will always remember your explosive play, leadership by example, and commitment to the university and community any time we see your number.

Thanks for making UK Football so much fun over the past three seasons and for being such a positive person for my children to look up to. Now go make millions for your family and give us a new NFL team to cheer for on Sundays next season.


-Adam Griggs (UK Football and Lynn Bowden Super Fan)


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