2021 Football Schedule Overview

2021 UK Football Schedule Breakdown

In the old days, a UK football fan would sit down before the season started, stare at a copy of the schedule, and try their best to reason out a way that six wins could possibly happen. During the Stoops era, it has become an increasingly easy task to find those six wins in addition to a few other “might win” games.

The 2021 Schedule is an offering from the football gods. Those same gods who have punished us are now showing favor. (As much as possible in the SEC.)

Four games are lockdown wins: Line will favor UK heavily

9/4  vs Louisiana Monroe

9/18 vs UT Chattanooga

11/13 at Vanderbilt

11/20 vs New Mexico State


Three games are should wins: Line will favor UK slightly

10/30 at Mississippi State (This game could easily be justified as a lockdown win.)

11/6 vs Tennessee

11/27 at Louisville


Four games are tough but very possible wins: Line will be within 7 points either way

9/11 vs Missouri

9/25 at South Carolina

10/2 vs Florida

10/9 vs LSU


That just leaves the Georgia game as the one game that would require everything to go perfectly, but could still possibly lose.

Even if UK lays an egg and loses a “should win” game to Tennessee or Louisville, loses 2 of their tougher games, and drops to Georgia, That leaves them at 8-4.

The potential for a 10 win regular season with Liam Coen’s new offense is very real and Big Blue Nation is here for it.

The schedule is right.

The roster is right.

And gosh-darn it, we’re going to the Outback Bowl (and maybe Atlanta).


Go Cats!


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