About Big Blue Express

Glad you have taken a minute to check out the website and you might be asking what makes this website any different than all the other UK websites that exist?  The mission of this site is to provide you with the information that you need to know about UK basketball in a condensed format.  I realize that many of you don’t have a couple free hours a day, or even a week to surf the web and try to keep up with what is going on with UK basketball.  So that is where I come in, I will give you the information in a quick and easy fashion so that when you have a few spare minutes in the day you can check in and stay up to date. I will also let you know of things to watch for that as a UK fan you might find interesting. If you have any suggestions I am open to hearing them, just click on the forum and let me know. GO BIG BLUE!!


About me


I am 36 years old and have been a UK basketball fan pretty much my entire life.  The true start to my fandom dates to the dreaded year 1992, that is the year I really started watching the games.  Of course it all culminated in my first UK memory that is forever etched in my mind as well as in the minds of every UK fan that had a pulse that year.  Of course I am talking about the stupid shot that none of us could ever forget even if we didn’t see it 50 times every March.  Anyways as painful as that game was I knew one thing for sure when it was over, I was in love.  From that day on I was addicted to UK basketball and in every passing year since my addiction and passion for it only grows.  I feel lucky to have already seen 3 championships in my lifetime and the run that Calipari has going is awesome.  I said I feel lucky and I do but I want more!  I want to see the Cats pass UCLA for titles and the crazy thing is that I think there is a great chance it happens.  Of course we never know what will happen in the future so I plan on enjoying the heck out of these next few years!  I am very glad that my Dad taught me about the Wildcats and I look forward to trying to pass that on to my son in a few years.





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